Play Slope Unblocked Game at School


On our site you can play the most popular browser game called Slope Unblocked. This arcade game was released in 2014 and instantly gained popularity among those in school or at work. The plot of the game is very simple - you have to control a green ball that falls down an endless slope. The entire track is divided into levels, for completing each of them you will be awarded one point. But it's not that simple! A large number of obstacles will constantly keep you on your toes, because if you don’t dodge them, the game will start from the beginning. These can be narrow tunnels, moving slabs, sharp spikes, or deep dips. With an endless number of levels, you will never get tired of playing slope! And, of course, the main feature of the game is the leaderboard. Every day millions of players compete for the 1st place in this table! It is updated every day. The game also has simple, but at the same time nice graphics. You can even play on Chromebooks and other simple computers.

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